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Artificial Lavender Flower for Interior Decoration & Event

Indoor Garden, Special Event, Fashion Show, Aromatheraphy & Perfume, Product Showcase, Shop Display, Wedding, Boutique, Beauty & Spa, Saloon,
Cafe & Restaurant, Hotel & Resort

Hippers Original Malaysia – Artificial Lavender for Indoor Garden(

Lavender flower is known for its beautiful purple colour, scent and gentleness. It is popularly used for interior decoration, special event, fashion show, aromatheraphy & perfume product showcase, wedding, shop display, boutique, beauty & spa, saloon, cafe & restaurant, hotel & resort etc. The sweet and beautiful lavender colour blends into many decoration concepts creating a relaxing and serence ambience which will certainly emanate a feel good atmosphere with the beautifully decorated environment.

Hippers Original Malaysia – Artificial Lavender for
Decoration Concept & Theme (

Lavender Decoration Concept & Theme for Event, Exhibition, Product Showcase, Launching & Fashion Show
The beautiful purple hue and fragrant scent of lavender flower makes it a popular theme for events and exhibition as it portrays a classy, lovely and cozy aura. Lavender flower decorations will enhance the exhibition stores and highlight the beauty of featured products, creating a stylish and warm concept of promotion which will brighten up and liven the event. Artificial Lavender Flowers are also a beatiful and creative decoration item for fashion show themes.

Hippers Original Malaysia – Artificial Lavender Bouquet Decoration (

Creating A Relaxing & Comfy Ambience for Beauty Centre, Perfume & Aromatheraphy,
Spa & Saloon

Lavender flower is famous for its wonderful sweet scent that emanates a sense of calmness and serenity. A popular frangrance used in a wide range of essential oil, perfume, health & wellness products as well as beauty & cosmetic items, lavender is an essential ingredient which is the feature and highlight of many products. Artificial Lavender Flower is a wonderful floral decoration for creating a relaxing and comfortable ambience for beauty centres and spas. The real lavender have many good properties and values such as the sweet and nice fragrance which have aromatherapy properties and used as essential oil for relaxation. Artificial lavender is ideal for promotional display of perfume, essential oil, aromatheraphy as well as other beauty & wellness product which contain lavender ingredients, furthermore it also a beautiful accompaniment decor for enhancing product display.

Lavender Decoration For Wedding Celebration
Century old tradition, cultures around the world use lavender flowers as wedding decoration as lavender symbolizes everlasting love. Artificial lavender decoration is widely used by wedding planners for celebrations as floral arrangements and stage decoration which will bring up the beauty of the place with the pretty little sweet and gentle lavender flower. It can also be creatively displayed for wedding themes as flower bouquets, table display and gifts. Lavender have a sweet and nice scent, and by spraying a few drops of lavender frangrance below the artificial lavender flower, it will give you a refreshing, nice and happy feeling.

Artificial Lavender Decoration For Party and Celebration
The lovely beautiful purple color of lavender creates a happy and cheery ambience, it is a great decoration theme for birthday parties, aniversaries, celebrations and festivities. Artificial lavender flower decoration would be a delightful and dainty floral decoration that will brighten up the celebration.

Lovely Artificial Lavender Decoration for Cafe, Restaurant & Bakery
Little lovely purple lavender flowers are pretty as table top decoration that creates a relaxing ambience to cafe, restaurant and bakery decor. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, or even a cup of hot chocolate with cake in a serene and calm environment decorated with cheery purple lavender flowers that brightens the mood of dining.

Artificial Lavender Floral Decoration for Hotel & Resort
Lavender is synonymous with serenity and calmness, an ideal theme for room decoration. It ceates a relaxing atmosphere which is comfortable and cozy with a sense of tranquility. Little artificial lavender decoration is a lovely decorative flower that will enhance the ambience of hotel and resort rooms.

Hippers Original Malaysia – Artificial Lavender Flower for Office Decoration (

Where to buy Artificial Lavender Flower for Interior Decoration & Event in Malaysia?
Artificial Lavender Flower is currently available to customers in Malaysia at Hippers Original (Bangsar – Kuala Lumpur). Whether you are an interior designer creating showroom concepts, a brand and marketing manager who requires decoration for your product promotional activities, an event organiser who require special displays for your occasion, a business owner who would like to decorate your shop or an individual who enjoys decorating your home and doing art and craft as a hobby, we have artificial lavender flower decoration that may be suitable for your requirement. Our collection of Artificial Lavender Flower Decoration comes in a happy looking beautiful flower color shade of purple and pastel spring green leaf that is suitable for various indoor decoration.

Artificial Lavender Flower for interior decoration and event is currently available
at Hippers Original Malaysia.

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